Kindred Fold

About Us

About Us


Taylor and I started Kindred Fold as a way to bring our photographic and film collaborations together under one unified brand. We met while working together in multidisciplinary documentary storytelling; creating podcasts, capturing stories and events through photo and video, and producing large-scale live productions in Austin, TX. 

We now live in two different cities, Taylor is in Austin, TX and I am in Portland, OR, but we continue to collaborate on projects as well as freelance independently. I am primarily focused in editorial, commercial, and advertising photography and Taylor focuses on filmmaking, applications, and web development; although we crossover quite a bit on projects. 

Creating amazing images, stories, and experiences is our passion. In our work together we both desire to show the world, through shared media, more about the deep meaning in everything that surrounds us. If you are a company, a brand, or simply a person with a story to share and want to see it crafted into a concise and eloquent image or story, lets talk. We’d love to hear from you.

Christian Rudman - KF Co-owner & Photographer